Allan, Sam and Jordan

Allan and Sam Schmidt were youth group leaders in Australia. They fostered children from the age of six weeks to 13 years, including a set of triplets. They completed a comprehensive training program enabling them to care for children in crisis through the Foster Care System. They also attended extra training which approved them to deal with and care for the most vulnerable children in emergency situations. In 2001, Allan, Sam with two of their sons, Jai and Jesse moved to New South Wales where they commenced a volunteer Ministry with New Tribes Mission Australia where Allan supervised the building program. Allan has a background in building and Sam’s background is in banking.

After 4 1/2 years with New Tribes Mission, God clearly led them to visit Thailand with a view to establishing a children’s home.

They moved to Chiang Mai in 2007 and commenced Baan Jai Dee (home of the kind hearted) when they took into care their first child, a ten year old girl. She is now growing into a beautiful young lady. The children currently in their care are not adoptable and will grow up at Baan Jai Dee.

Allan and Sam have four sons: Benjamin, Jai, Jesse, and Jordan.

What’s the purpose of Baan Jai Dee?

Baan Jai Dee is a safe haven for Thai and tribal children. All our children are orphaned, abandoned or relinquished, with many having one or both parents in jail. They are all ‘at risk’ of child trafficking, prostitution, being sold for cheap labour or to paedophiles, and many suffer in extreme poverty.

We seek to provide a safe home for them to grow, learn and play in an atmosphere of love and trust. We seek to meet their needs physically and through education and we strive to meet their Spiritual needs by teaching them the Bible and how to live a life that honours God.